Mission and Vision

                      Sepi Ghafouri

                      Sepi Ghafouri

"My mission and vision are to provide my clients with a comfortable environment where they are legally protected, valued and respected. As an L.A. lawyer, I am responsive to my clients’ legal needs and value educating them on the intricacies of their legal matters via open communication. My representation provides a lasting relationship with my clients built on trust.”



Sepi Ghafouri’s practice focuses on Business Law and Trademark Law. Throughout her career as an L.A. lawyer, she has provided professional legal services to business  and trademark clientele of all types. 

Ms. Ghafouri represents small to mid-size businesses from start-up through the many legal stages of running a business. As an L.A. lawyer, she has successfully negotiated all types of settlement contracts when needed for her clients. She has successfully represented clients from the initial stages of trademark filing through office action responses and registrations as well as appeals for both domestic and international trademarks. 

Ms. Ghafouri received her Juris Doctorate from Golden Gate University School of Law in 2002 and was sworn into the California Bar in 2003.  Prior to Law School, Ms. Ghafouri received her Baccalaureate of Science in Business Administration with a Double Concentration in Management Information Systems and Accounting. 

As an L.A. lawyer, Ms. Ghafouri is a Member of The State Bar of California. She is a Member of and has served on the Boards of various legal organizations.

The Law Office of Sepi Ghafouri provides legal representation to business clients throughout California as well as to domestic and international trademark clients. 

Contact the Law Office of Sepi Ghafouri, L.A. lawyers, for legal representation in the areas of Business law and Intellectual Property law.